Advantages of associating with Head Hunter for Job Hunt


Job Assist is here to add value to your career path through enriching experiences and provide support in all your endeavors. Job Assist is a blend of self assessments, developmental sessions, individual coaching and individual action learning assignments, all designed in such a way to stretch the potential of job seekers to the highest level.

As a Head Hunt Partner we can teach you new skills, this is one of my main roles as a job partner. We will teach you the skills you need TO WIN, and we will design it just for you based on your situation. If you need to find a specialist for some skills, we will do it for you, and often skill trainers leave after they “teach” what they know – We are not going anywhere. We are in this together for as long as you need us.

As a Head Hunt partner we will work with you to,

  • Clarify vision and direction
  • Strategies actions
  • Upgrade professional skills
  • Optimize your environment (World around you)
  • Master your psychology

We will help you MINE, DEFINE, REFINE and SHINE the BIG DREAMS.

Having the required educational qualification is not sufficient, it is also important to make a good impression on an employer. In our Job Assist center we guide job seekers in reaching the next level, by giving interview tips.

  • Research well – Do some homework to understand the company’s profile and the role you have applied for. Well researched reflects interest in the job.
  • Dress smartly - It is important to dress appropriately and neatly with a cheerful smile.
  • Be honest - A Job seeker should never misrepresent work experience or a skill set. A smart Manager will quickly figure it out.
  • How to communicate? - One should communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Negotiation Skills - Job seekers underestimate the importance of negotiation; effective negotiation will help you get what you deserve.
  • Resignation Process - Resignation can complicate the matter and can take away the happiness for securing a new role.
  • Email Correspondence - Email is very important in the business world; email can cause anger in the workplace or confusion among employees. To communicate well, you need to write good emails.

All these tips will have an impact from the selection to the joining phase.

Difficulties in Job Hunt for Job Seekers

  • Fewer job opportunities at higher level.
  • Hunting for a Job search is time consuming.
  • Unable to demand right salary, especially in a bad economy.
  • Bigger bills and better lifestyle, puts pressure to earn more.
  • Higher barrier of entry, difficult to get through Human Resources or Senior Executives.
  • Interviewed by Senior Executives, who may feel competitive or threatened.
  • Too many candidates applying for the same job. More the candidates, higher the competition.
  • Senior Executives don’t change jobs often, they stay put for a long period, so turnover is slow.
  • Age – concern about the company investing in you.
  • Feeling vulnerable – can be asked to resign anytime by the company.
  • Need to take the hunting for a job change seriously.
  • Being in a denial, not believing that your job crises are real.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Identity crises – identity is lost when a job seeker’s job is lost.
  • Not confident about his/her skills.
  • Unsure about what to prepare for an Interview.
  • Not following career goals.
  • Unsure about how to start networking with people.