Why we do not guarantee a job?

  • If you unintentionally intimidated the hiring manager, the manager will wonder, would this job seeker make me look bad if I hire her or him. The manager will feel threatened.
  • The manager may not hire the job seeker because a senior manager referred a different job seeker into the recruiting pipeline. The hiring manager needed the political brownie points for his career.
  • The company may decide to hire someone they know either who already worked there or is currently working with the organization. Hiring a known person is a low risk for the company.
  • The other job seeker had a better network; the person referred by an employee has more chances of getting the job.
  • Budget issues can cause cancellation of the job, perhaps sales or profits dropped, as a result the company decided they can’t spend money to hire someone
  • Organizational issues such as reorganizing the company or shifting employees from one department to another or maybe the management decided to head in a new direction, until the company settles down, they don’t need new staff.

If you were not able to find a job, you applied for or even interviewed for, it doesn't mean you did a bad job at the interview.