Job Assist is located in Gujarat, India. Whether you’re hunting for a job change in Gujarat or anywhere else in India, We can provide job assistance to Job Seekers with salary bracket of 10 lakhs per annum and above. Job Assist does not guarantee a job, we just help Job Seekers in correcting the job search process, and help in establishing a new effective approach to issues related to career.

Job Assist as your Job Hunt Partner

  • Job Hunt Assist will develop effective techniques for an ideal job search.
  • Need to prepare a job search model based on employment plans.
  • Job Hunt Assist will communicate with the job seeker to understand his/her ambitions and goals.
  • Assess the strengths and weakness of the job seeker and teach them how to use their strength effectively.
  • Guide job seeker to complete job tasks.
  • Help in the development of needed skills.
  • My job assist is someone you would want to seek advice from.
  • Helping a job seeker to overcome his/her set goals and personal barriers.
  • Come up with new ideas for job hunt.
  • Will monitor and evaluate the progress.
  • Provide feedback on communication skills.
  • Assist in need of resources to help the job seeker.
  • Brainstorming session with job seeker.
  • Keep records and documents.
  • Preparation of appropriate and relevant reports.